The ONLY press release service that offers national distribution to over 100,000 Journalists for just $199...

Including Exclusive PR Newswire Custom Tier-1 Distribution PRWeb
Newswire Lite™ Buzz Builder™ Newsmaker™ PR Pro™ Premium
Price $199 $299 $399 $499 $369
Included Words 400 400 500 600  
Newswire Opt-In Industry Journalist Target Lists 1 2 3  
Your release posted on at least this many media sites 75 100  
PRTrue List™    
Tier-1 Newswire US National Distribution Direct to Editorial Desks          
WireWatch™ Proof of Distribution Report          
Associated Press (AP) Newswire & Google News          
Online Newsroom FREE FREE FREE FREE $300/yr.
Journalists 100,000+ 100,000+ 100,000+ 100,000+ 30,000

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What is National Distribution?

Many press release services offer "National Distribution" but in reality they only offer regional distribution through a major newswire and utilize "privately collected" national sources of distribution.

We are the only service that has an exclusive partnership with PR Newswire to distribute press releases through their national network.

Our distribution features:
  • PR Newswire Media Only Website (85,000 registered journalists)
  • Custom MEDIAtlas Microlists
  • Over 100,000 opt-in journalist subscribers
  • 22,000 newsrooms
  • Over 17,500 newspapers, radio and TV outlets
  • Over 4,000 websites and online databases

Professional Proofreading and Distribution Report

In addition to wide-spread distribution you also receive:
  • Two separate editorial reviews from professional press release copywriters
  • A detailed report containing confirmation that your press release was distributed and featured on several websites including: Yahoo!, PR Newswire, Google, and more
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